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25 June 2006 @ 09:22 am
Round One Nomination  
Here are all the nominations for Round One! I'm currently working on getting links for all the authors.

The Original Series

Best In Humor

~ An Open Letter to Fanfic Writer’s, by ciroccoj


~ Musings of a District Attorney, Femvamp


~ Law & Underwear, Alicia D. Crede


Best In Drama

~ Exit, Stage Right, woffproff


Best In Drabble/Poetry

~ Every Dog Has His Day, bast2


Best In Parody

~ An Open Letter to Fanfic Writer’s, by ciroccoj


Best In Angst

~ Stand Perfectly Still and Don’t Breathe, jenniferjames


Best Character Fic: Lennie Briscoe

~ Apology, woffproff


Best Character Fic: Rey Curtis

~ It Might Not Be a Pretty Picture, ciroccoj


Best Character Fic: Ed Green

~ Back in the Saddle, jenniferjames


Best Character Fic: Ben Stone

~ Crossing the Line, sugerkane_59


Best Slash Fic

~ Fistful of Warm Rain, jessebee





Special Victims Unit

Best In Case File

~ Lullaby of Clubland, Novak


~ House Guest, 007


Best In Romance

~ Questions, Mousie962


~ Phoenix, Novak


Best In Humor

~ The Fanfiction Writer’s Guild, Segovia


~ Instant Messages, Mousie962


Best In Drama

~ Testament, Segovia


Best In Drabble/Poetry

~ Fragments, Topsy


Best In Horror

~ House Guest, 007


Best In Angst

~ For All of This, Kulligan


~ Circuitous, 007


Best In Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

~ H20, 007


Best In Crossover

~ Release, Katica Locke


Best Character Fic: Olivia Benson

~ Inferno, Mousie926


Best Character Fic: Don Cragen

~ Diminutive Roses, Novak


Best Character Fic: Alex Cabot

~ Emily, Chaos


Best Character Fic: Odafin Tutuola

~ Infinity, samisanna


Best Character Fic: Casey Novak

~ Jennifer, Broem


Best Elliot/Olivia Fic

~ Dyad, Novak


~ Hazmat, Broem


Best Munch/Casey

~ Coffee, Broem


Best Other Ship

~ One Hundred Things That Might Have Happened, Mira


Best G Fic

~ Stained Glass, 007


Best PG Fic

~ Attendance Mandatory, Forbes


Best R Fic

~ Saved, Topsy


Best NC-17 Fic

~ Interrogation, Segovia


~ Photographs and Memories, ListSKing


Best Author

~ Mouse962

~ 007




Criminal Intent

Best In Case File

~ Seal of the Confessional, InfinityStar


~ Bulletproof Armour, TrinityWildcat


~ White Hat, Black Hat, Fluffy-CSI


~ Quietly, Netherfield


Best In Romance

~ Kamikaze, Fluffy-CSI


~ The Many Ways We Met, TriStateCopFan


~ Chapter 13, 25 Crimes, Liz B


~ Storms of the Soul, InfinityStar


~ Spilled Blood, Fluffy CSI


Best In Humor

~ Finding The Boss, Laughingly the Lark


~ The Ten Commandments, Piecesofflair


~ That Old Black Magic, AndromedaStarr


Best In Drama

~ Targets, InfinityStar


~ Till Death Do Us Part, InfinityStar


~ No Stone Unturned, InfinityStar


~ Control, hazelmom


~ Blind Trust, Blucourgar57

["Blind Trust"]

Best in Drabble/Poetry

~ Somewhere He Belongs, Detective-sweetheart


~ 25 Crimes, Liz B


~ Found on the Ladies’ Room Wall at One Police Plaza, daf9

["Found on the ladies' room wall at One Police Plaza"]

Best In Parody

~ He Had It Coming, Darcy Brandon


~ Satire, Erika red


Best In Angst

~ Homebound, Gatekeeper


~ The One Off, GraciePie


~ The Hard Way, elfluvr


~ Push/Pull, Alamo Girl


Best In Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

~ Release, Katica Locke


Best In Tragedy

~ Where Love Has Gone, InfinityStar


Best In Crossover

~ Innocence Slaughtered, InfinityStar


~ Release, Katica Locke


Best Character Fic: Robert Goren

~ A Light In The Darkness, InfinityStar


~ Gamesmanship, Elfluvr


Best Character Fic: Alexandra Eames

~ Detective Eames Looks At Forty, Marion The Greek


~ The Photograph, Tayfilly


~ Peace Offerings, Ezekiel-Fall


~ The Art of Being a Kept Woman, B. Cavis


Best Character Fic: James Deakins

~ With A Vengeance, piaffe417


~ Two Weeks, Detective-sweetheart


~ Two Men, Four Beers, Two Promises, TriStateCopFan


~ Face, h-bomb1013


Best Character Fic: Mike Logan

~ Mama’s Boy, polkadotsnplaid


~ Diamond In The Rough, Fluffy-CSI


Best Character Fic: Carolyn Barek

~ Better When I Bleed, WeasleyGirl-Yeah


~ In The End, Piecesofflair


Best Character Fic: Nicole Wallace

~ Indivisible, elfluvr


~ Something Precious, hazelmom


Best Character Fic: Other

~ Finding The Boss, Laughingly the Lark


Best Goren/Eames

~ Choices, InfinityStar


~ Finale, elfluvr


~ Peace Offerings, lonelywalker


Best Logan/Barek

~ Crossing The Line, InfinityStar


~ White Hat, Black Hat, Fluffy-CSI


Best Other Ship

~ Bobby/OFC, Silken Seduction, brynamorgan

["Silken Seduction"]

~ Space, h_bomb1013


Best G Fic

~ Starve a Fever, InfinityStar


~ Absalom, piaffe417


~ Hemophiliacs Always Bleed To Death, midnight-blue


Best PG Fic

~ Tango With The Devil’s Mistress, WeasleyGirl


~ Dance, elfluvr


~ Chanel No. 5, elfluvr


Best PG-13 Fic

~ After, Elfluvr


~ Chanel No. 5, elfluvr


~ Choices, InifinityStar


Best R Fic

~ Claw Marks, Fluffy-CSI


~ Bulletproof Armour, TrinityWildcat


~ One Weekend, lonelywalker


Best NC-17 Fic

~ Thumb, SassySaraSidle


~ Winter, bobbyismine99


~ That Damned Red Dress, byrnnamorgan

["That Damned Red Dress"]

Best Slash Fic

~ The Birthday Girl Part III, TrinityWildcat


~ The Birthday Girl II, brynnamorgan

["The Birthday Girl II - The Icing On The Cake"]

Best FemSlash Fic

~ The Clean Horse of Our Courage, omiceti


Best Author

~ InfinityStar

~ Fluffy-CSI

~ Elfluvr

~ Piaffe417

~ Bluecougar57




Trial By Jury

Best In Drabble/Poetry

~ When It Rains, tremblingmoon


Best In Angst

~ In the Presence of Grace, Rysler


Best Character Fic: Tracey Kibre

~ Words, Emma/ See Jane Write


Best PG Fic

~ Protocol, Dior


Best Author

~ eponinesghost

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