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26 August 2006 @ 05:26 pm
Law & Order One Click Away!  
Looking for more Law & Order? Are syndication and NBC just not enough for you? Well then, come play your favorite Law & Order character at lawfulorder, a Law & Order Role Playing Game! The story is everything at Lawful Order. Solve cases, hang out at O'Malley's Bar and develope personal relationships between characters. lawfulorder RPG  has intelligent, talented RPers, role-playing in the Law and Order universe. We play it all here, the original and all the spin-offs. If you're a fans of the show or are familiar enough with the world of NYC's Finest to RP within it, check this place out.

Fully endorsed by gusthemoose! "It's grade A fun, folks!"

Check out some of the characters that are open for play:
-Donald Cragen (Squad Captain, SVU)
-Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Detective, SVU)
-Robert Goren (Detective, CI)
-Mike Logan (Detective, CI)
-Carolyn Barek (Detective, CI)
-Ronald Carver (ADA, CI)
-Everyone from the Original series
-Original characters

lawfulorder the RPG run by and for the fans!